The story of the Tortoise and the Hare

Everyone knows the story of the Tortoise and the Hare. It’s a poignant and educational story that is told by parents and enjoyed by children. Here at Tortoise we definitely believe that it sums up the lettings agency business as well as the estate agency business in a nutshell.

Every day we come across situations where we can see how differently we work from other agents. Our methods have been tried and tested and the results have been impressive as shown by the report on an independant website ( When it comes down to the story’s fables Estate Agents who DO NOT cut corners will win the race.


Our Tortoise and Hare stories will show you the differences between how ourselves at Tortoise and the Hares we compete against operate to achieve the same objective. We will show you though the objective at the beginning is the same, how we get there and the end result is often very different.

The Hare is a confident fellow that has no doubt he will win. So confident in fact he can cut corners, rest during the race and still feel he will beat the Tortoise with minimal effort. The race to him is a numbers game – he sees the objective and believes he doesn’t have to try hard to achieve it. In fact the confident Hare doesn’t consider the Tortoise any competition at all!

The Tortoise on the other hand knows he can win the race putting in the effort and hard work necessary to push him to the finish line ahead of his competition. The Tortoise is confident, assured and organised. He sees the objective for what it is and knows that being professional, building a trusting relationship with his client and demonstrating a structured plan he will ensure he crosses that finish line first.

Our industry is full of Hares, with good initial intentions and only a few organised, determined Tortoise’s.

Here at Tortoise we stage your home, then it is photographed by a professional, we write up a thorough description and put together a video story of your home before uploading it to the various marketing channels as set out in our 12-week marketing plan. With our clients at Tortoise we set out a plan to win.

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