Spotlight on The Ortons, Peterborough

The Ortons of Peterborough are made up of several different areas.

Orton Brimbles
This is an area of mixed public and private sector housing dating almost entirely from the 1980s. Orton Brimbles contains the Ortons’ first and only purpose-built solar powered houses at Gostwick. There is also Ormiston Meadows Academy, formerly Matley Primary School, which has specialist provision for children with visual impairments and other physical disabilities.

Orton Goldhay
Orton Goldhay was laid out from the mid-1970s by Peterborough Development Corporation as part of the city’s second township. The area is largely residential but contains the district shopping centre known as Orton Centre, and one of the Ortons’ two secondary schools, Ormiston Bushfield Academy. Much of the housing here was built for the public sector and originally housed overspill population from London.

Orton Longueville
The perils of Giant Hogweed in the Ortons. The Hogweed has since been removed from that area, and as of writing is quite rare.
Until the 1960s Orton Longueville was a village separated from Peterborough by open farmland. Orton Longueville is home to Nene Park Academy, formerly Orton Longueville School. The ‘village’ contains many pre-20th-century buildings including Orton Hall, once used as a prisoner of war camp during the Second World War (now a hotel), several thatched cottages, a cricket field and a church. There is still a village green and close by is a half-mile long plantation of giant redwood wellingtonia trees known as the ‘Long Walk’.

Orton Malborne
Similar in character to Orton Goldhay, this area was also created from the mid-1970s and lies along the dedicated bus route leading to the city centre. There are several local shops and a community centre.

Orton Northgate
The latest addition to ‘the Ortons’ and the fastest growing, Orton Northgate previously formed part of the East of England Showground site. Orton Northgate’s local Anglican church is St. Andrew’s, Alwalton

Orton Southgate
This is mainly a business area containing offices and factories of Nokia, Telewest, NCR and others. It also contains a housing area centred around Dunblane Drive, which was partly built by Persimmon Homes around 1995, and added to by a small group of David Wilson Homes in around 1997.

The East of England Showground sold off some of its land to developers to expand the housing towards Alwalton, linking Dunblane Drive with Loch Lomond Way. However, there was a moratorium on building in October 2008, and as of February 2010 the site remained dormant.

Orton Waterville
One of the original ‘Ortons’, Orton Waterville also retains a village atmosphere and contains many thatched and stone built cottages and the 13th-century parish church of St Mary’s. It once had its own Orton Waterville railway station, but both the station and the line it stood on have now closed.

Orton Wistow
Orton Wistow was laid out during the 1980s by private developers, with the last developments being completed around 1992. This development lies adjacent to the Country Park known as Ferry Meadows and the Nene Valley Railway. There is a primary school called Orton Wistow Primary School.

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