Meet Mike Matthews – Property Manager

I’m the owner of Tortoise Property Limited in Hampton, Peterborough. The first thing I chose prior to starting the business was its name. I believe it helps us to identify our clients and for them to identify with us.

Our industry, like many, reflects the famous fable of the Tortoise and the Hare. With so many hares running around, promising and not always delivering, an opportunity arose in 2007 to start to change Estate Agency locally.

Believe me, I have heard it all! Does this mean you’re slow? Are you always late? Does this mean you go into hibernation? If you ask these questions we may not be the Estate Agency for you.

However if you are interested in a successful end result, if you would like us to deliver on our promises, if you would like to understand clearly how we work together, have access to the best marketing structures and technology locally within our industry;

We are the Estate Agency for you!

It also helps that we have earned the status of Excellent for our Property Sales business within the Best Estate Agency Guide for the UK, recognising us as one of the top 10% of estate agents in the UK (from over 25,000 agents). An accolade achieved by delivering consistent successful results for our clients. This recognition also proves you do not need to be big to be better.


That we have both Safeagent status for our company and our staff are Safeagent qualified. Protecting and delivering professional property management solutions to our landlords and tenants. A professional status we are all proud of.

Feel free to drop me a message or a call if you would like to join our ‘creep’ (a group of Tortoise’s) or work with us in partnership to sell or manage your home / property.