Making your garden fit for summer

As the days get longer and a little warmer too most of us think about the prospect of the great British barbecue and spending long sunny afternoons in the garden.

Whether your garden just needs a touch of colour or a total redesign, now is the time to start. Taking advantage of the lighter days start to think about what you want your garden to be; a peaceful haven; a party place; space for the kids; etc.

You could be clever about it and make a small play area for the little ones to enjoy, a nice area to relax in the sun and a nice patio or decked area to entertain on those long summer nights.

Adding flourishes of colour around the garden with bright summer bedding plants or planters will draw the eye. May is the perfect month to pick up those bedding plants with no more frosts (hopefully). Consider planting up or buying hanging baskets and pots that will see you into late summer. We have no shortage of great garden centres here in Peterborough and most of them have a fantastic selection of ready planted pots if you are not green fingered.

You can really add impact by grouping pots together; mix and match pots of varying sizes by how the colour of their contents work together. Pots look particularly effective on decked, patio or graveled areas and don’t be afraid to hide unsightly areas with large pots with bamboo. Always better in a pot as it is a wild spreader, it makes a wonderful noise when there is a breeze.

Why not get the kids involved and plant up a small herb garden in containers. You will be able to use them throughout the summer for those great barbecues. If you are hoping for a better lawn this year then now is the time to start feed or sow a new lawn. Stay on top of weeds now and let the kids help too.

If you have outdoor walls, fences or sheds consider changing the colour to something grey or blue – that will become a great backdrop to green leafy foliage and colourful flowers. Don’t forget about lighting; staying outdoors long into those summer nights means being able to see. You could hang fairy lights near seated areas and perhaps dot a few solar lights amongst your pots. Use colourful LEDs to highlight pathways

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