Investing in property – buy to let

Buy to let has never been more popular than when interest in that market peaked this time last year where many buy to let investors bought properties before the stamp duty hike.

Although that frenzy has quieted a little now, the market for buy to let properties is still very strong as quite simply there is no better investment than property. Whether you are investing your savings or buying a house to help the younger generation of your family out, keeping property in the family is a great way to secure their future too.
Although there is a tightening up on affordability criteria for buy to let mortgages and potential tax implications, many of the imposed regulations in this sector of the market are there to protect interests of the market and as such a landlord looking to invest in a property rental who intends to hold that rental for years to come will still be making profit.

The private rental market is here to stay and as such there will always be a need for prime rental property, and that requirement spreads from 1/2 bedroom starter homes through to 4/5 family homes. Rentals here in Peterborough still move very quickly whichever end of the scale they are at. Modern neutral properties with good locations and local amenities near schools will always be popular. And with the average let now being around 7 years, you can be sure your tenants will make your investment a home.
If you are interested in hearing more about buy to let mortgages then have a chat with Chris Plummer our mortgage expert to get an idea of the best deals for you.

If you are new to the idea of buy to let, talk to Mike, our MD who himself has several rental properties. His experience has led to the development of several levels of package for landlords. We know the pitfalls landlords can face and so this is why we thoroughly vet tenants and create video inventories. Our Full Management package takes care of everything for you.
Take a look at our Full Management video or if you are more experienced in this field our Let Only package.
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