Hey Mike….

“Hey Mike, I would love to buy a property but I think the market is going to crash’. Followed by ‘there is always a big crash after a rise, always!”.

I’m not sure if I’m being asked a question or being warned about armageddon?

What about this for an answer?

  • My grandparents built a 3 bed bungalow for £2500 in the 60’s
  • My parents bought a 3 bedroom house for £12,500 in the 70’s
  • My wife bought a 3 bedroom house for £41,000 in the 90’s
  • We bought a 3 bed house together for £157,000 in the 00’s
  • We bought our current 4 bed home in 2013 for £207,000
  • We just sold a 4 bed property for £436,000 in a week!

    Does it ever make a real difference to buyers when it crashes? You’re more likely to see a fall in transactions than prices. And the market is not cooling yet! If you can afford the repayments, are looking to buy, settle into and care for a home over a period of years, don’t wait for a crash, enjoy the experience of your own home.

    If you need more information where house prices are heading into 2025, read the Savills forecast report:

    Link: https://lnkd.in/dNYx-8w

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