A time savers guide to viewing properties in 2023 & beyond

Introduction: Making Time for Property Viewings

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’re thinking about your next home but struggling to find time outside of your working hours to view a property that you think might have that extra bedroom or second reception room? I may have some advice for you.

Hi, I’m Donovan Bell, the Online Services Manager at Tortoise Property, and I want to share my time-saving guide to viewing a property in 2023 and beyond.
With the modern family’s life becoming busier by the day, we all find ourselves struggling for time. However, a few things can be done to make sure that when the time comes for that all-important physical viewing, you can confirm just how much you love the next place you call home.

Understanding the Local Area

The first tip may sound obvious, but being informed about the local area can make a big difference. We can all fall in love with a house, but if we don’t have the facilities we need around us or the commute to work or school isn’t practical, it can often rule out a property. When looking at a property online, you’ll want to ensure that the local agent provides you with as much information about the local area as possible.

Here at Tortoise Property, this is something we provide as you sit on your sofa. Our spotlight blogs, which are available on our listings (Desktop) and our website, detail all the local facilities, green spaces, schools, gyms, shops, vets, doctors, as well as giving you hyper-local data about the housing market in your postcode.

Take a look at our spotlight for Hampton to give you an idea of how something like this looks:

Utilising Property Quizzes

My second tip for you would be to use a “property quiz,” another useful tool that you can use in the comfort of your own home. Why complete a quiz, you may ask? Well, the reason why a property quiz can be a useful tool is that it can help you as an individual or family cement what is important to you when deciding what you NEED in your next place to call home.
By answering a few short questions, it’ll firm up in your mind what you’re looking for. For example, a quiz will ask you if it is essential to have multiple bathrooms. If you have two teenage children, this is probably really important. It may also ask you if it is important to be within walking distance of the local pub, and again, if you have two teenage children, this is probably a must-have!

Very few agents offer this kind of service, so click on the link below and take a quiz for yourself!

Exploring Virtual Viewings

The other and probably the biggest tip I would give is to see if an agent can offer you a virtual viewing. Virtual tour technologies have come a long way in the last few years, and those agents (like ourselves) who embrace the technology wholeheartedly will give you an experience that gives you a feeling as close to being there as possible from your own living room.

Here at Tortoise Property, we take great pride in our virtual tours and the experience we can give you along with it. When you’re ready to make that all-important viewing appointment, your excitement should build, and you should feel that this home will become a part of your future.

Why not take your first virtual tour here and see how it feels to walk around a property from the comfort of your chair! https://tour.giraffe360.com/firecrest/


That about wraps up my tips and tricks on saving time on viewings in 2023 and beyond. I hope you’ve found them useful.

I’m Donovan Bell, and if you would like to see how they’re used as part of our “Race to Sold” plan when it comes to putting your own property on the market, give us a call on 01733 592020 or visit our website for more information at https://www.tortoiseproperty.co.uk/selling.html

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