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Hello everyone, I’m Sam. I’m new to Tortoise Property and to Estate Agency. I have a BA Honours Degree in Marketing from Sheffield Hallam University and wanted to find somewhere that I can put that to use, which is why I’ve ended up here! 

This blog will be a weekly series of me recounting my experiences, explaining why great marketing is so powerful when selling your home and the exciting plans I have for the future of marketing in Estate Agency. I believe this will be beneficial to me as I write down everything I do and hopefully will be to you also, as I do my best to explain Tortoise Property, convey our difference and answer any estate agency questions that anyone may have.

The Race to Sold: A Strategic Marketing Plan to Sell Your Home

In the journey of selling your home, timing and strategy are paramount. The Race to Sold, is designed to transform this journey into an exciting, well-managed process that minimises stress and maximises results. Here’s how this comprehensive marketing plan operates:


Phase 1: Ready, Set, Go!

Ready: Preparation is key. Before we introduce your home to the market, make sure it’s in pristine condition—show home ready. This phase is about more than just a clean-up; it involves strategic enhancements to showcase your home’s best features.

Set: We then bring in our high-tech arsenal for a marketing shoot that includes 4K quality cameras, video work and virtual tours, along with laser-measured floor plans. Our marketing materials not only highlight the aesthetics and functionality of your property but introduce professional, structured written pieces about your home that delve into what the local area offers to potential buyers.

Go: The launch is explosive. We position your property at the forefront of potential buyers’ searches by ensuring it tops the listings in your postcode. This is complemented by a targeted social media blitz, reaching out to an audience both known and unknown, ready and waiting, and even those not yet considering moving.

Phase 2: The Racetrack

Our racetrack model is about maintaining and building momentum from the launch:

  1. Launch Visibility: We monitor how many potential buyers view your property right at its launch. A strong first impression is crucial.
  2. Building Awareness: Initial days / weeks focus on maximising exposure and stirring interest in what is likely a competitive market place.
  3. Increasing Interest: By engaging directly with the buyers that match your homes suitability.
  4. Cultivating Desire: We intensify our efforts to convert interest into real desire.
  5. Action and Retention: The final stretch aims to secure offers and maintain interest until the sale is closed.

Our goal is clear: sell your home to the perfect buyer. We achieve this by ensuring that from day one, your home is a hot topic amongst both passive and active buyers looking for the perfect lifestyle choice, of the right age group, with the correct household make-up.

Phase 3: Continuous Feedback and Adjustment

Feedback is about partnership and transparency. Every phase should end with feedback, the opportunity to sit down with you—or connect via Zoom—to review progress. These sessions provide insights into the local market dynamics, buyer interest levels, and marketing effectiveness. If necessary, your agent should adjust their strategies based on real-time feedback and market movements to stay aligned with your goal of selling your home effectively and efficiently.

The three areas to measure are:

1. Your homes popularity

The initial popularity of your home is gauged by marketing the property without a listed price. This approach helps to capture the pure interest of potential buyers based on the home’s merits such as location, features, and presentation rather than price.  Tracking the number of views, inquiries, and overall buzz generated around your listing gives you a clear indication of how attractive your property is in the eyes of potential buyers.

2. Your homes marketing price

Once you have captured buyer’s interest, the marketing price is introduce. This strategy allows you to assess how the introduction of the price impacts the initial popularity. Does the interest remain high, or do you see a drop-off in interest? This feedback is crucial and helps determine if the set marketing price aligns with market expectations and the perceived value of your home. If necessary, adjust the price to better match buyer expectations and market conditions, ensuring that the property remains competitive and appealing.

3. Your homes engagement rate and buyer pool

Personal engagement and buyer pool is measured through the number of virtual tours, scheduled viewings and the quality of interactions during these viewings. This phase is where interest is converted into serious consideration. We monitor how potential buyers engage with the property during visits, either virtually or in person.  Do they ask many questions, show enthusiasm, or make follow-up inquiries? This direct interaction provides invaluable insights into buyer sentiments and further informs our marketing tactics. If engagement is lower than expected, we explore innovative ways to enhance the viewing experience or adjust how we communicate the property’s unique selling points.

To Conclude…

This methodical, phased approach ensures that you are not just selling a home; you are crafting a narrative around your property that resonates with buyers, creating a compelling reason for them to choose your home over others. Using The Race to Sold, estate agents become your strategists, your advocates, and your partners in making your next big move a success.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog!

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Thanks again, and I look forward to connecting.