The Tortoise & the quest for the Holy Chalice (No, not grail)

One morning, the Tortoise rose to look over his garden, the sun was shining through the clouds and new life was blooming.

Then, the Tortoise heard a deep booming yet calming voice. “My trusty Tortoise, today i present to you a quest, one of noble and divine cause. I charge you to sell the Holy Chalice!”

“What does this Chalice look like?” the Tortoise called out. “It resembles that of a two bedroom house, perfect for a family stepping into the glorious realm of home ownership.”

“What should I do when I find this house?” “You’ll know exactly what to do,” said the voice “You’re my trusty Tortoise for a reason after all!”

It wasn’t before long the Tortoise received a phonecall to come and advertise a property at “Chalice Close”.

What’re the odds!?

The vendor explained he had seen online how the Tortoise presents his properties with the use of his 4K HDR photography and videography and his HDR Virtual Tours and knew he could trust the Tortoise to help find his buyer.

With the photos now produced, virtual tour and property video launched at a price of £215,000, the tortoise waited a short amount of time before the first call came in.. 20 minutes after launch in fact. With 30 enquiries made and 12 physical viewings booked within 48 hours the quest was well under way.

Then came the offers from the virtual viewings, some home buyers couldn’t wait until the day of viewings to get a look at this
house and make an offer. £220K, £225K then £230K were made prior to the physical viewings being completed.  The Tortoise could feel that the quest for the Holy Chalice was well under way.

Find out what happens next in part two of “The Quest for the Holy Chalice”.