Spotlight on Werrington, Peterborough

Werrington is a residential area of the city of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire in England. For electoral purposes it comprises North Werrington and South Werrington wards. Werrington spans an area of two and a half square miles (6 km²) and has a population of 14,800.

Originally a village, Werrington was engulfed by Peterborough in the mid twentieth century, as the city expanded. The area is on the northern edge of the conurbation, approximately four miles (6.4 km) from the city centre. There are two distinct areas of Werrington, the village and new Werrington. The village dates from older periods and focuses on the village green. The new Werrington area focuses on the Werrington Centre, a small shopping complex featuring stores for basic needs.

Werrington centre shops include Tesco, Age Concern, and other small shops. These shops have undergone change since 2004 as a result of bigger companies buying out the locally owned shops. The video rental shop changed to a tanning salon but due to business failure has become a Domino’s Pizza take-away, the hardware store ‘Ostlers’ has been replaced by a chemist. Other small stores are a family-run fish and chip shop (which sells Gluten Free fish and chips on the first Monday of each month), dry cleaners, off licence, hair salon and barbers and a betting shop. There is a Police Station but this is not open to the public.

The development of Werrington continues, with new residential accommodation in the northernmost part of the area. The shopping centre is being redeveloped, with the Rainbow foodstore being replaced by a larger Tesco supermarket.

New Werrington contains three schools. William Law and Welbourne are both primary schools. Ken Stimpson Community School is the only secondary school in the area.

Ken Stimpson Community School is a public secondary school which opened in 1982. The school has about 1100 students from years 7 to post-16 (Years 12/13). The school acquired Business and Enterprise College Specialist school status in late 2004.

Werrington Primary School is the only school in the original village. It is in the top five for most rankings for primary schools in Peterborough. The school was founded at the end of the 19th century on the site of what it now the village centre as a Church of England School. The junior school moved to its current site in 1961, followed by the infant school in 1966. The junior and infant schools have merged and share a common administration, the current Werrington Primary School (as it is now referred to) has four houses: Bishop, Church, Mill and Orchard. The KS1 children wear white tops, and black/grey trousers/skirts. The KS2 children wear Yellow and Black ties with a white shirt and black trousers/skirts, the children then usually go onto Ken Stimpson Community School for their secondary education.

William Law C of E Primary School and Welbourne Primary School are the two primary schools that are not in Werrington village. William Law C of E Primary School wear the colour green and Welbourne Primary School wear the colour red. Most of the pupils from William law go on to Arthur Mellows Village College in Glinton whereas most of the pupils from Welbourne Primary School go on to Ken Stimpson Community School for their secondary education.

As estate agents in Peterborough we love Werrington as it has a real heart and soul, and many people that live here have done so for years. It has all you need within walking distance and full city amenities are just a few miles away.

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