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Hello everyone, I’m Sam. I’m new to Tortoise Property and Estate Agency. I have a BA Honours Degree in Marketing from Sheffield Hallam University and wanted to find somewhere that I can put that to use, which is why I’ve ended up here! 

This blog will be a weekly series of me recounting my experiences, explaining why great marketing is so powerful when selling your home and the exciting plans I have for the future of marketing in Estate Agency. I believe this will be beneficial to me as I write down everything I do and hopefully will be to you also, as I do my best to explain Tortoise Property, convey our difference and answer any estate agency questions that anyone may have.

Welcome to Episode 8! 

I’ve written a blog previously about the structured marketing we do here at Tortoise Property, in which I spoke about what we do and why we do it. I also touched on paid advertising. However, in this blog I want to explore that a bit further and discuss it in more detail. So let’s get going!

The basics: 

For anyone who isn’t sure, the basics of paid advertising is this. 

  • The more you pay, the more potential people you reach. 
  • Which of course means, in this context, more people will see your home. 
  • The more people that see your home, the higher chance you have of finding the one who wants to buy it. 

Now while this is true, that doesn’t mean we just send out ads to anyone and everyone. As mentioned already in a previous blog we really think about the people who are most likely to buy your home and aim our ads at these people. Therefore, the more of these people who see the ad, the greater the chance of matching your property with a buyer. 

The Tier System: 

We like to think of it as a tier system. Almost like a bronze silver and gold ranking. 

It’s something we’re thinking of implementing in the future. We would offer three tiers of service and it would be your choice to decide which one you would like to go with. They would be as follows: 

Bronze: The basic package. This would include a premium and a spotlight listing at OnTheMarket , 4k photos and videos and a virtual tour. 

Silver: Our enhanced standard service. This would include a premium and a spotlight listing at OnTheMarket, 4k photos and videos, a virtual tour, and paid Facebook and Google advertising. 

Gold: The premium level of service. This would include a premium and a spotlight listing on Rightmove, 4k photos and videos, a virtual tour and an increased budget for Facebook and Google advertising, allowing for us to reach a larger audience in a shorter space of time. 

These different tiers gives you as a vendor an adaptable and flexible service to suit you. It also gives you the opportunity to have a bit more control over the marketing of your home. As established in the section above about the basics, the more (suitable) buyers who see your home the higher chance of it selling. Therefore, with the gold option, this suits vendors who value an enhanced level of marketing in their property, which will drive up the number of buyers looking at their property and in turn would drive results faster. 


To give you a better understanding of what kind of difference between results we’d be talking about, I thought it best to include some examples of the different stages. 

Here is what a Rightmove report looks like with no paid advertising. 

Here is what a Rightmove report looks like with paid advertising. 


That’s a rather serious difference! But that’s not all! Below is a few more examples of the kind of ‘reach’ you can expect to see from the different stages of adverts. Reach means the number of people that the ad has been shown to and how many have actually interacted with it in some way (even if it’s just pausing it to look at). I chose the location of Peterborough and just increased the daily budget from £1.43 to £3.50 and finally to £7.00. Below is what happened. 

Small budget (£1.43): 


Medium budget (£3.50): 


Large budget (£7.00): 


To Conclude…

And that’s that. Hopefully you can see now the difference between using paid adverting compared to not, and then also what an increased budget does to the amount of people reached by the advert. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog!

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If you have any questions or topics you would like to see me discuss in the future, then please do get in touch. I’m more than happy to connect with marketers, whether you work in my industry or not, as well as industry experts who I myself could learn from. You can connect with me on LinkedIn.

Thanks again, and I look forward to connecting.