Our Phased Marketing Model

Hello everyone, I’m Sam. I’m new to Tortoise Property and Estate Agency. I have a BA Honours Degree in Marketing from Sheffield Hallam University and wanted to find somewhere that I can put that to use, which is why I’ve ended up here! 

This blog will be a weekly series of me recounting my experiences, explaining why great marketing is so powerful when selling your home and the exciting plans I have for the future of marketing in Estate Agency. I believe this will be beneficial to me as I write down everything I do and hopefully will be to you also, as I do my best to explain Tortoise Property, convey our difference and answer any estate agency questions that anyone may have. 

Welcome to Episode 2!

Following on from last week’s blog (the Race to SOLD), we’re taking a more detailed look into how we market our clients homes. We have 8 phases of marketing which we deliver over a 12 week period and this blog gives you an overview about how the phases work. You’ll be pleased to know we have another model to talk through! We’re calling it ‘Phased Marketing’. Let’s get into it. 

Our OnTheMarket Presentation

Let’s start at the bottom of our phased marketing with how we use OnTheMarket to showcase your home. I’m sure when you first view your home for sale on the portals, you want the presentation to be excellent so that your home stands out against all of the others on the platform. We do too! In addition to this, we want to rocket your home to the top of the charts in your specific postcode so that your property is THE most seen home in your area. Therefore, people who are searching for a home in your location cannot miss it. Combine this with our local market data, spotlight area blogs, property quizzes that are available to prospective buyers within your presentation, and your home looks like an incredibly attractive option!

As you can see, we use OnTheMarket as our showcase presentation of your home.

Our Structured Marketing

Moving up one level on our phased marketing model, we have our structured marketing plan. What would be the point of us creating this great presentation if it was limited in who saw it? If we simply left it on the portals, only the people actively searching for houses would see it, known as the active market. The active market is made up of people who are readily scouring OnTheMarket to try and find their next home on a daily basis.

Our structured marketing is designed to introduce your home to the passive market. These are buyers who have never thought about moving to another location in the UK, buyers who will only move to a property of their dreams, and buyers who feel frustrated with their current home, however, have not started the process of looking for a new place to live. So, we determine the most likely demographics of people who are going to want to buy your house, and we strategically use Facebook, Instagram, and Google advertising and the artificial intelligence that these platforms use to connect with these buyers who are much more likely to be interested in your home.

As you can see, we use structured marketing to introduce your home to a far larger audience than is currently available through OnTheMarket alone, with links back to the full presentation should any more information be required.

Our Tailored Marketing

So what’s the difference between tailored marketing and structured marketing, I hear you ask? We gain an awful lot of information through our ads and therefore develop a much more detailed understanding of the most likely buyer for your home. We’re then able to tailor our ads towards these people through a variety of formats. For example, building a location-based ad where we highlight the lifestyle a buyer would experience, or a buying quiz where we get buyers to think about what they want and do not want from a new home. Or perhaps we know your ideal buyer lies on a specific platform, i.e., Pinterest, TikTok or Instagram, due to their interest, age or hobbies. Therefore, we build a marketing ad specific to the type of media that they enjoy watching.

As you can see, we want to spark the interest of people who may have had no intention of moving home; however, they may consider booking a viewing of your home due to its perfect fit.

Our Organic Marketing

Finally, how do we use organic marketing to support the sale of your home? We want to supplement all of our other marketing of your home by posting it across our social media platforms, community-based groups, and local property groups to showcase your home to the different types of followers on different platforms. We understand the power of a community-based network and how our marketing can be shared between families, friends, and work colleagues. There is nothing like a personal recommendation, especially from someone that you trust!

As you can see, we understand the power of personal networks and the influence they have on someone buying their next property.

So there you have it! That’s our Phased Marketing Model in a nutshell.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog!

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If you have any questions or topics you would like to see me discuss in the future, then please do get in touch. I’m more than happy to connect with marketers, whether you work in my industry or not, as well as industry experts who I myself could learn from. You can connect with me on LinkedIn here.

Thanks again, and I look forward to connecting.