A picture is worth a thousand words

“One picture is worth a thousand words” quoted by Frederick R. Barnard from Printer’s Ink, December 1921. The meaning of the phrase explains how pictures convey more information than a large amount of written words ever can. This is why our professional photography, which is included in our sales package is at the forefront of our service.

This blog concentrates on the stages you will go through when selling your property with Tortoise and just how our photography speaks volumes about your property.

Booking the Photographer

Once you have instructed Tortoise, we will arrange for a professional photographer to visit your property. The photographer will need up to 3 hours on the day of the shoot and will request that the booking be made so that daylight is available throughout the shoot. A representative of Tortoise will also be present during the shoot,  to ensure things run smoothly, and to allow you full flexibility around the appointment.

Preparing your home

Before the appointment, please read our blog piece on staging your home, this will provide you with the necessary information to optimally present your property and make the shoot a success. In addition to this, remember to remove all parked cars from the front of the property and driveways if possible to allow for a true perspective of the front of your home. Also consider that the exterior of the property can be just as important as the interior, by ensuring that garden plants, bushes, trees etc are maintained as well as the gardens being clear of any extra furnishings that may not be relevant to the time of year,

The day of the shoot

On the day of the shoot a representative of Tortoise will accompany the photographer to your property. They will then show the photographer around the property and begin to setup. A shoot for the property video will take place along with the production of high definition photographs. Floor plans will also then be drawn up at the property while our representative will be taking down information in order to compile a full and accurate property description.




Post Production

After the shoot has taken place, within 24 hours the photographs and video will be then sent on to post production in order to ensure that the photographs and video reflect a true image of your property. We pride ourselves on the calibre of our photography and video work and want to ensure your property is shown at it’s best. The post production is normally back with us within 72 hours for approval.

Here’s one of our completed property videos for our property at County Road, Hampton, Peterborough

The benefit of professional photography

The reason why we use professional photographers to shoot your property is that these professionals are highly trained to capture your property at it’s very best, taking into account variance in lighting, ambience while working through in a structured fashion. Not only this but they will only operate with the highest level of equipment, which can be tricky to use, but in the hands of a professional it means then that your properties representation is of the highest quality. The access to professional editors and software that they are qualified to use gives us a real advantage in our marketplace to ensure that there is consistency throughout the presentation of the property.

If you’re interested in selling your property or are a landlord looking for more property advice please call Tortoise on 01733 592020 or find us on Facebook and on our website.