The Spring Bounce with Mike Matthews of Tortoise Property

🏡 Market insights from Mike Matthews of Tortoise Property 🔍

Spring heralds not just a burst of nature’s colours but also brings a flourish to the property market. As the data sings, “Sales blossom in spring,” with more sales than in any other season.

In the past five years (with a pause in 2020 for obvious reasons), spring emerged as the champion of home sales, claiming a vibrant 27% of annual transactions. Properties don’t just sell; they practically sprint off the market in just 51 days on average—outpacing the chilly 61-day winter wait.

Why spring? It’s the season when our gardens come alive, the sunlight stretches further, and buyers are buzzing with enthusiasm—7% more than last year, to be precise. It’s not just about the right time; it’s about the right setting for your home’s debut.

And here’s an opportunity as fresh as spring itself: Tortoise Property is curating an exclusive list for property assessments and valuations during the peak months of March, April, and May.

However, the window is as fleeting as spring itself—we have only 7 marketing slots per month, and March is already blooming with three confirmed slots taken before the month starts!

Don’t let this season’s potential wither on the vine.

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