Enhancing your online Experience: The Power of 4K Video’s in Estate Agency

The Dominance of Video Content

Video is one of the most consumed forms of information across the internet. We don’t always have the time for the written word and this is a leading reason for the rise of videography in most industries. A first impression is priceless after all.

Hi, I’m Donovan Bell, the Online Services Manager here at Tortoise Property, and I want to talk to you today about the rise of videography in the property industry and how it plays a major role when showcasing a property online, both as someone looking to find their next place to call home and also what you should be expecting in terms of a professional standard from an estate agent when selling your home.

Introduction to 4K Videography in Real Estate

One of the most significant factors when using 4K videography in estate agency is its visual quality. 4K resolution, also known as Ultra High Definition (UHD), offers four times the pixel count of traditional Full HD videos (typically shot in 1080p).  It is just like watching your 4k TV on a Saturday night!  This higher pixel density results in incredibly sharp and detailed visuals, allowing potential buyers to explore a property with exceptional clarity. From intricate architectural details to lush landscaping, every aspect of the property comes to life, providing viewers with a realistic representation.

Mix this with the likes of High Dynamic Range (HDR) technologies, the video then captures a broader dynamic range, meaning it can handle both bright highlights and deep shadows more effectively. As a result, buyers can make informed decisions based on a more accurate representation of the property’s features and characteristics.

This is just one of the reasons here at Tortoise Property we ensure to shoot all our property videos at this level of detail as it really showcases our clients properties at their best.  Take a look at one of our property advert videos to see the power of true 4k!

Utilising Wide Angle Lenses and Motorised Gimbals

Another element that should be considered when looking into the production of a property video, if you’re selling a property with an agent, is the use of all available technologies such as wide angle lenses & motorised gimbals. Wide angle lenses offer a broader field of view compared to standard lenses, this will then showcase more of the property’s interior and exterior in a single frame. By capturing more of the space, wide angle lenses will provide you with a better sense of the property’s layout and proportions.

As for the use of motorised gimbals, these enable us at Tortoise to showcase the property in a dynamic and engaging way. They allow us to smoothly navigate through different spaces, capturing smooth panning shots and sweeping movements.  Adding that professional touch to the video that creates a visually appealing experience for potential buyers.

Not only this but these multiple videography techniques allows prospective buyers to make far more accurate assessments on whether or not works need to be carried out on a property, an example of this is a property we had for sale at High Haden which required a bit of cosmetic TLC.  The quality of the video coupled with the techniques used allow us as agents to give you the best representation of a property in its current state; take a little time to look at the example below:

The Emotional Impact of Music in Property Videos

The last element I want to talk about is the use of music during the production process of all our property videos. Music has the unique ability to create emotional connection.

We take great care during our production process that the right musical choice is used to create an emotional resonance that resonates with viewers, making them feel a sense of belonging and connection to the property.  Also when you hear a certain song again, is should bring back that connection with a property and the reasons why we love it.

Sadly, we still see it’s a common practice by most agents to shoot a single property video in standard HD (typically 1080 pixels) rather than 4k without the use of technologies like HDR. Which brings us back to the beginning, a first impression is priceless after all!

Setting Standards: Moving Beyond Standard HD Videos

Here at Tortoise Property, we’re all about creating that beautiful and realistic first impression when it comes to showing a property we have for sale through the use of video, whether you’re actively looking for a property on Rightmove or having tea and biscuits while catching up with family over social media, we hope you enjoy watching our movies!

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