Auction Ambition: Is the Hype of Modern Auctions Worth It? – Trick No.6

“It’s time to call out some ‘Slim Shady’ tactics, as the great Eminem sang about! Yes, the great tricks of estate agency.

Trick No. 6 – Have you heard about the modern method of auction?

Oh hi, Jim, remember me? I’m Mike from Tortoise Property. We had a chat about your home, and we went through our 3-point valuation model to help guide you. I believe you also saw a number of other agents. How did it go?

Well, Mike, I did, and have you ever heard about the modern method of sale at auction?

I have, Jim. We work in partnership with Pattison’s Auctions for this service. A brilliant team to use for the right house at the right price.

Yes, so you will know, Mike, that my house will sell in 56 days and complete in the next 28 days. I have given the agent the price I want (the reserve), and as you know, my house is immaculate. I spent a lot of money on the kitchen, shower room, carpets, and decor, but they said if I market it well below my reserve, so many buyers will be interested that I will sell at the price I want! Brilliant!

Oh, and the buyer pays all the fees, Mike!

Good luck, Jim!


Tip No. 6 – Pick the right sales method – ‘Homes Under the Hammer’? A show that shows us all what buying homes at auction is all about! Buy cheap, do it up, and move on.

I can’t remember Dion, Lucy, and Martin chatting with too many first-time buyers, couples moving up the market, families seeking a forever home, or downsizers looking to sell big and buy small. Well, not without bridging finance!

So, Jim, why has your new estate agent made this recommendation?

Is it the 2.5% fee that is paid to them if it sells? Oh, and they do not have to market and service the sale? Low risk, low cost, worth a punt! ”

So Jim, pick up your Mic and warble with me?

I’m Slim Shady, yes, I’m the real Shady
All you other Slim Shadys are just imitating
So won’t the real Slim Shady please stand up
Please stand up, please stand up?,

Mike Matthews @TortoiseProperty
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